Excellence in Dental Care in Your Backyard

Looking to better address the needs of their patients, Layman, Shirman and Associates decided it was time to create a space that was designed achieve this goal as well as accommodate their ever-expanding practice.

In the summer of 2017, Layman, Shirman and Associates moved into their brand new office which was formerly the recently relocated First National Bank. “We found a perfect location and building just a few doors down from our old office. We spent a considerable amount of time working on the plans for the building. We wanted not only a beautiful environment for our patients but one that was equipped with the latest technology so we could continue to provide the best dental care in the area,” said Dr. Layman.

According to Dr. Shirman, “Having the right technology is critical in dentistry these days. With our 3-D X-ray machine we can detect and diagnose conditions regular x-rays would never pick up. It’s amazing how many patients we’ve been able to help with this technology.”

The Layman, Shirman office is also outfitted with digital X-rays and intra-oral cameras. Digital X-rays use up to 90% less radiation than regular film X-rays. Intra-oral cameras and television monitors in each exam room allow the patient to see first hand what the dentist sees.

All technology and beautiful buildings aside, what is at the crux of Layman, Shirman and Associates is their philosophy.

“We believe in practicing comprehensive dentistry, said Dr. Layman. Our practice is patient-centered with your overall health at the forefront of your oral health. Today, there is a vast array of evidence to support the systemic connection between your oral health and your physical well being. For instance, gum disease has been linked to other health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, premature births and low-birth weight babies.
To many, gum disease is an ongoing silent infection that often times does not cause pain or any other alarming symptoms so it goes untreated. We want to catch and treat these situations for our patients before they become life threatening.”

Not all dental practices are created equal. In fact, unless you are a patient of a chain store dental office, no two dental practices will look alike and offer the same services. Because of this, it is difficult for a patient to know whether they are in the right dental practice and whether that practice can meet their needs.

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Whether young or old, Layman, Shirman and Associates provides dental services to span your lifetime which is not found in most dental practices. Drs. Shirman and Layman are qualified to perform many advanced specialty procedures right in their office, limiting the need for outside referrals to only the most difficult situations. Besides regular examinations and teeth cleaning, Layman, Shirman also offers restorations, one-appointment crowns, enhanced oral cancer screening, wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, veneers, dentures, root canal therapy, traditional and clear braces, treatment for temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD), sealants and fluoride treatments.

Layman, Shirman and Associates’ is located at 9305 Market Square Drive in Streetsboro. They warmly welcome new patients who are looking for excellence in dental care. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us today!