Common Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Did you know almost 1 in 8 adults may suffer from sensitive teeth? The sensitivity of your teeth can range from mild to extreme and can come and go over time. If you do experience sensitivity in any of your teeth, some of these may be the reason why.

1. Uneven Bite – If a tooth has shifted you may experience sensitivity. Shifting may occur because of thumb sucking, loss of bone structure, tooth extraction, and more. If this is the case, a bite adjustment will usually correct the problem.

2. Trauma to the Tooth – If you have a tooth that is bruised or cracked, it may be sensitive. If you have damage to the tooth, be sure to speak with your dentist to see what treatment options are available.

3. Infection – An infection in one of your teeth can be the reason for extreme sensitivity. You will need to see the dentist for them to clean the infection and make sure no serious dental health issues form.

4. Decay – If a tooth has decayed, it tends to be sensitive to hot or cold, acidic, or sweet foods. If this is the case, you will likely need a filling to solve the issue.

5. Exposed Dentin – The most common causes of tooth sensitivity is if dentin (the inner layer of the tooth) is exposed. Dentin can become exposed for a number of reasons, but each case varies from person to person.

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Be sure to look out for our next blog where we will explain what can cause root dentin to become exposed.

Do you suffer from tooth sensitivity?

If you have a tooth that is sensitive, be sure to contact Layman, Shirman & Associates in Streetsboro, OH. Tooth sensitivity may be a sign of more serious dental issues so you will want to have it checked out as soon as possible.