Researchers Find Obesity and Periodontists Are Connected

A study conducted at New York Medical College believes to have exposed a link between periodontitis and obesity. As explained by NYMC professor of medicine and pharmacology Nader G. Abraham, PhD, DrHC, DrHC, this is the first time it’s been observed that our fat cells can be influenced by the bacteria found in our mouths.

Experts have found that fat cells can have an inflammatory reaction when under attack by viruses or bacteria (as well as some times when these microorganisms aren’t present). In obese individuals, this inflammation may result in type 2 diabetes. The investigators at NYMC performed their research on mice, infecting them with Porphyromonas gingivalis, a variety of bacterium connected with periodontal disease, and evaluated the tissue inflammation. They noticed that the bacteria had an influence on the operation of the fat cells inside of the mice in the study.

Also, the investigation found that Kavin, an extract of the kava plant, had an effect which could offset inflammation in obese individuals. Salomon Amar, DDS, PhD of NYMC proposed that use of Kavain along with good oral hygiene could lessen the health consequences of obesity.

Abraham mentioned the well-known link between oral hygiene and heart ailments and suggested that the link with obesity is yet another justification for why everybody should be sure to floss and brush their teeth on a regular basis, as well as to set up regular cleanings and exams.