Here Are A Few Reasons To Start Using CBCT 3D X-Rays

Even some of the most seasoned general dentists and find anatomical surprises in their patients’ mouths that give them pause.

Today’s progress in technology like CBCT 3D machines can make difficult cases easier to spot and deal with.

With the use of this 3D X-ray technology, Dr. Layman and Dr. Shirman can be prepared to handle any case that comes our way.

What exactly is a CBCT 3D machine?

Dental cone beam computed tomography, or CBCT 3D machines, are 3D X-ray imaging devices for teeth which allow our dentists to get a good look at the tooth (as well as the rest of your mouth) as a whole, inside and out.

Making use of CBCT 3D technology allows us to discover canals we couldn’t already see in your previous examinations, catch hairline fractures that we may not have detected while examining a tooth, and see pulp stones we couldn’t spot with basic X-rays. The use of the 3D technology on this machine makes planning and efficiency a whole lot easier.

CBCT 3D machines make endodontic treatments easier to deal with.

CBCT 3D machines take a bunch of 2D radiographs that are then turned into a 3D set of data that allows our dentists to examine the entirety of the tooth. With these devices, they can examine the anatomy of a tooth on several planes—specifically the sagittal, coronal, and axial. This provides them with the power to create a far more complete plan for endodontic treatment.

They also make referrals to your favorite endodontist less of a hassle.

Prior to this technology, a dentist could begin a root canal only to discover that the patient’s situation requires a dental specialist (typically an endodontist) to resolve.

With the 3D features of the cone beam machines, both dentist and patient can avoid the extra procedure, as the dentist can spot the problem and make the referral without ever having to use a drill. We’re certain our patients can appreciate the benefit this provides.

At Layman, Shirman & Associates, our goal is to give our patients the very best dental care, as efficiently and effectively as possible. With CBCT 3D technology, we can.