Sweet E-Cigarettes Increase Risk Of Cavities, New Study Shows

Sweet e-cigarettes more than just taste like candy, they’re just as bad for you.

People have been switching over from standard cigarettes to e-cigarettes, both for supposed health benefits and for the varieties in flavor. Well, according to a new study recently reported by the ADA Foundation Volpe Research Center, they might not be as healthy of an alternative as some previously thought.

The study “Cariogenic Potential of Sweet Flavors in Electronic-Cigarette Liquids,” took a look at the potential for tooth decay to occur when exposed to the smoke from various sweet flavored e-cigarettes. The results showed the potential for an increased risk of the development of cavities due to a combination of the liquid’s thickness and of the chemicals found in certain sweet e-cig liquids.

If that weren’t bad enough, sweet e-cigarettes were also found to have some of the same properties as the ones found in acidic drinks like sodas; gelatin, like in gummy candies; and high-sucrose products—all of which mean trouble for your teeth.

Thomas Hart, DDS, PhD, senior director of the ADA Foundation Volpe Research Center, had this to say about the purpose of the e-cigarette study:

“This study will give dentists further information to help educate patients that using e-cigarettes can have detrimental effects on their mouths.”

The results of this study mean e-cigarettes may not be as healthy of an alternative to regular cigarettes like some would have you believe. Not only do they pose a risk for your respiratory system, but now your oral cavity as well. Cavities are a serious problem in need immediate attention; give us a call if you feel you could be at risk of developing cavities.